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Domaine du Lac Brouillard

Accommodations in four-star cottages boasting a spectacular view of the water. Some of the cottages are in very secluded spots. Access to thirteen lakes inhabited by native trout species. Wilderness territory, with hiking or ATV trails leading to the different lakes.

Outfitters Information

Accommodation, Classification



Services and equipments

  • Access fee
  • BBQ
  • Boat
  • Domestic animal
  • Fish house
  • Freezer
  • Woodstove

Extra ($)

  • Battery recharge
  • Electric motor
  • Evisceration services
  • Fishing tackle
  • Game transportation
  • Gasoline motor
  • Ice
  • Personal floatation device(s)
  • Sale of fish bait
  • Smokehouse
  • Telephone system
  • Transportation to hunting sites
  • Transportation to sites