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Traveling from the colorful trout of the Monts-Valin to the sublime mountains of the Charlevoix region to conquer the king of our forests, the moose, we truly experienced a whole range of emotions with Quebec outfitters in 2023. Each expedition brought its own challenges, but also unforgettable and instructive moments.

Native trout in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean  

The Monts-Valin, with its crystal-clear waters and wild trout, delivered an exceptional fishing experience. Pure air, peaceful nature and beautiful scenery made this adventure a true escape. The abundant native trout at Pourvoirie HomamoThis link will open in a new window really set us apart. We discovered a true paradise for speckled trout anglers and hunters. Both for quality and quantity, what a pleasure to have stayed there! 

Breathtaking panorama in Charlevoix 

The majestic Charlevoix mountains at Domaine du Lac BrouillardThis link will open in a new window offered us an incomparable playground. Every climb was an adventure, and every view took our breath away. The king of the mountains was unobtrusive but helped us gain experience as hunters. 

White-tailed deer hunting in Centre-du-Québec

Pourvoirie Destination Le MirageThis link will open in a new window ooffered us a unique hunting experience. The quest for the brightest deer was both a physical and mental challenge. Patience, perseverance, and determination were our best allies. Every moment on the lookout brought us a little closer to our goal. And when we finally managed to get one step closer to the much-desired animal, the emotion was palpable. In a few words, incredible organization, generous meals, and a guide service perfectly organized by the entire outfitter team. 

Small game hunting in Mauricie

In the Mauricie region, we enjoyed the pleasures of sharing a common passion with our partners as we scoured the trails for small game. Hunting is an activity which brings people together, enables them to reconnect with nature and with themselves. Every ruffed grouse harvest was a pleasure, and every meal prepared with the catch was a moment of conviviality and sharing. What's more, the Pourvoirie Lac DuMoulinThis link will open in a new window is a unique experience on an island with an organization that fosters the preservation of outstanding hunting and fishing quality. By limiting the number of guests in each part of the territory, we greatly increase the chances of seeing ruffed grouse. We clearly remember the trails, whether on foot, ATV or by car. We were lucky enough to see and outwit many partridges and hares. Everyone managed to do their bit, and that's exhilarating!

Throughout our expeditions, we've been lucky enough to visit many different Quebec outfitters. Each time, we were welcomed by wildlife enthusiasts, people who strive to make the very best of what nature has to offer. Their know-how, dedication and love for wildlife and the land they preserve are inspiring and provided us with unique and enriching experiences. 

To sum up, our 2023 season was rich in adventure and emotion. We explored breathtaking landscapes, met stimulating challenges, and shared unforgettable moments in good company. Each expedition was a time to reconnect with nature, an opportunity to live fully in the moment and create everlasting memories. 

Written by Faunik