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Pourvoirie du Club Bataram inc.

Located in Charlevoix, on a 74.6 sq. km (29 sq. mi.) exclusive rights territory, Pourvoirie du Club Bataram has some thirty lakes divide in three sites which are 5 km (3 mi.) of distance to each other. It also holds more than a dozen moose hunting areas. Here, speckled trout rules! At Des Ilots, De la Riviere Noire or Plongeon Lake, speckled trout is predominant.

Outfitters Information

Accommodation, Classification




Services and equipments

  • Access fee
  • Boat
  • Domestic animal
  • Fish house
  • Freezer
  • Game storage
  • Woodstove

Extra ($)

  • Battery recharge
  • BBQ
  • Bedding
  • Electric motor
  • Evisceration services
  • Fish-cleaning service
  • Fishing tackle
  • Game transportation
  • Gas for sale
  • Gasoline motor
  • Guiding service
  • Hunting guide
  • Ice
  • Inspection/rifle adjustment
  • Personal floatation device(s)
  • Sale of fish bait
  • Sale of fishing licenses
  • Smokehouse
  • Transportation to hunting sites
  • Transportation to sites