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A man hunting a black bear at an outfitter.

As our followers know, the Born To Hunt team loves to stay at one of Quebec's outfitter sites, and there's no shortage of places to discover! The Fédération des pourvoiries du Québec offers more than 330 possibilities across the province. One of the best seasons to visit is certainly spring!

The appeal of nature coming back to life cannot be overlooked. It's a magnificent sight that's renewed year after year. What's more, spring is when fishing is at its best! Witnessing all these changes while enjoying such a pleasurable activity is like stretching yourself along with nature and experiencing the awakening of spring in communion with it!


The start of the spring season also offers two very enjoyable hunts that are much appreciated by enthusiasts: bear hunting, which offers exceptional meat quality, and turkey hunting, which has seen an increase in numbers in recent years.

The advantages of staying at an outfitter are numerous, with a range of packages to suit every need. Bring your own food is one option, but eating on site is just as enjoyable. The greatest quality of outfitters is undoubtedly their ability to offer personalized service at all times and to listen to your needs. They are even able to provide cold rooms when a good harvest comes along, which is not to be overlooked as technical support!

What do we particularly like? The expertise of the guides or chaperones found at most outfitters. Their sound advice is worth its weight in gold! You've never been to an outfitter before, and have all kinds of questions to ask? Nothing could be easier! They're also on hand at hunting and fishing shows across Quebec, and will be delighted to provide you with all the information you need for a magical stay!

By the Born to Hunt team, Born to HuntThis link will open in a new window. Text published in the Guide de la pourvoirie 2022. 

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