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Preparation of a gourmet plate

The “Nature à table” project started in the Outaouais

The Outaouais region is known for its delicious food and fertile land. So it’s no wonder the new “Nature à table” gastronomy project started here. The aim of this joint project between the Québec Outfitters, Outaouais TourismThis link will open in a new window and the Association de l’Agrotourisme et du Tourisme Gourmand du Québec is to develop agritourism activities at outfitter establishments. So far, a total of four outfitters have been supported in creating new food-related activities and services. Here’s what was done at each of the establishments involved in the project to attract foodies this summer! 

Food circuit at Stramond Lake Lodge 

Let’s face it, when you’re planning a nature getaway, food is always top of mind. Who hasn’t added tasty treats to their grocery cart to enjoy while on vacation? This is precisely what Stramond Lake Lodge This link will open in a new windowhad in mind when developing two online food-lover circuits that customers can follow on their way to the outfitter. The circuits include an array of local attractions, including visits to artisans, local producers and fine food shops. These enticing stops are perfect for filling up your cooler with delicious finds while meeting interesting locals. So, leave home a little lighter and stock up en route to your nature destination! There’s nothing like fresh, local ingredients to pair with your catch of the day or the wild game you harvested. Then enjoy cooking your meal using the BBQ on the Club’s new outdoor terrace, helping yourself to edible flowers and herbs, and taking in the magnificent lake views. Missing an ingredient? Find what you need at the brand-new shop selling local products! 

A new educational facility at Eastern Canadian Outfitters Mer Bleue 

The Eastern Canadian Outfitters Mer BleueThis link will open in a new window domain has made a number of changes, including enhancements to its main accommodations and new signage to improve the visitor experience. An educational facility will be set up this summer to organize themed workshops. Watch this recent videoThis link will open in a new window on the New Outdoors channel on YouTube about learning to fish and also prepping a shore lunch. Starting this summer, you can book a shore lunch to be prepared on-site during your day of fishing—a wonderful way to savour your catch. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!  

New flavours at Wapus Lodge

The Wapus LodgeThis link will open in a new window is another outfitter that called on valuable advice to improve its welcome centre (interior and exterior), bar and dining room, among other things. Plus, the gourmet menu was revamped to include new dishes with local flavours, which are sure to please all foodies! Hungry for new experiences? Try the brand-new pairing menus featuring local foods and alcoholic drinks. There are some delicious projects in the works, including a gastronomic greenhouse . . . that’s all we can say for now! 

A signature beer and local products at Bryson Lake Lodge

While making many improvements to embellish its property, Bryson Lake LodgeThis link will open in a new window has also expanded its product offering in the welcome centre by featuring local businesses. With the aim of making your stay really memorable, the team has also enhanced the shore lunch experience, a favourite of food lovers. This fresh fish meal served on the shores of the lake will now include a cool Lac Bryson signature beer. Developed in partnership with the Brauwerk Hoffman microbrewery, the delicious lager offers hints of white pine aromas. You’ll surely identify with the highly original label design! A guided tour to learn about native plants has also been added to the package.  

Credit : Myriam Baril-Tessier


More projects to come in the next few years

The “Nature à table” project confirms once again that outfitters and good eating can go together well—and give rise to some tasty initiatives. There’s nothing like being in the forest and enjoying the rich flavours of the land, whether through local products, gourmet menus, microbrewery beers or learning about edible plants. And this is just the beginning—the project will be supporting four new outfitters over the next few years, helping them to develop new initiatives. That means a host of new and enhanced agritourism experiences for visitors. The outfitters are working hard to satisfy your taste buds . . . now it’s up to you to enjoy it!