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Men and dog after a snow goose hunt at La Cache Outfitters.

Geese were everywhere above the cache and at various heights as we waited for the guide's decisive GO. The guys on the team were hyper-vigilant to what was happening, and excitement was running high with wings flapping all over the sky. The guide whispered to us to concentrate on a group of 40 geese to our right. Then came the long-awaited signal, and in a choreography we'd been mastering since the early hours of the morning, our explosion from the cache proved rewarding in terms of harvest. Spontaneous laughter erupted here and there from the cache, the spirit was one of camaraderie and the already well-stocked hunting roster fostered this beneficial and mischievous state of mind between us all.

Between bustard arrivals, I had a good chat with the guide, who has been familiar with the fields and the birds' changing seasonal behavior for ages. He and his team do a rigorous job of prospecting the day before our guests arrive. In short, they know the nocturnal dormitories and feeding sites to perfection, so little is left to chance.

We continue our autumn adventure at an outfitter in the Outaouais region who promotes wildlife enhancement through the protection of young bucks. I knew that a large deer had eluded the hunters for two years now, and our guides were rigorously spying on it.


By Michel Therrien, speaker, author and hunting professionalThis link will open in a new window. Text published in the Guide de la pourvoirie 2022

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