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Outfitter classification

The classification of outfitter accommodation units began in the 1980s, when the "Ministère de l'Énergie et des Ressources" was in charge. Since 1993, the QOF has been mandated to classify all outfitters in Quebec. From 2023 on, only QOF member outfitters will continue to be classified.

Types of accomodation 

In outfitters, each type of accommodation (camp, cottage, lodge, houseboat and private residence) is classified according to specific criteria. For example, the classification of a cottage equipped with a full kitchen to prepare meals will not have the same evaluation criteria as an inn where clients eat in the dining room. Similarly, a houseboat must have specific safety equipment that is not required for other types of lodging.

A question of score

Since it is a score that determines the quality level of an accommodation unit, it is sometimes possible to observe a significant difference between two units with the same rating level solely because of the score difference. For example, one cottage may have achieved the minimum score to be rated 3* while the other is only a few points away from being rated 4*. If you have any questions about the quality level of an accommodation unit you have stayed in, you are invited to contact the QOF at 1-800-567-9009.

Members and non-members of the QOF

The QOF website contains exclusively the classification of QOF member outfitters. Since classification is no longer mandatory for non-member outfitters, you must now contact the outfitters directly to get the desired information. Please note that, since they are no longer classified, non-member outfitters can no longer claim to have 3, 4 or 5 star accommodation units.

You will find below a brief description of the different types of accomodation as well as quality ratings and symbols.

Accomodation type


A building in which food services are offered and with at least 2 bedrooms.


Floating building that matches the definition of a cottage or camp.


Building with at least one bedroom and which may include a kitchen. In the absence of a kitchen, food services are provided in a nearby building.


Open-plan building that may include a kitchen. In the absence of a kitchen, food services are provided in a nearby building.

Experience lodging

Temporary building made of canvas and / or rigid materials. This type of accommodation is not rated owing to its temporary nature and variable location. This category of accommodation includes yurts.

Guest lodge

Building with several bedrooms that may include a kitchen; it sometimes features an open common area. Such buildings are generally located near an establishment that provides food services.

Private residence

Building in which the owners or operators reside; food services provided.


Rating under way

Accommodation unit with facilities meeting the minimum rating standards

Accommodation unit with basic facilities and services meeting the quality standards

Accommodation unit with comfortable facilities, offering several services and amenities

Accommodation unit with excellent facilities, offering several services and amenities

Accommodation unit with superior facilities, offering a wide range of services and amenities

Accommodation unit with exceptional facilities, offering a full range of services and amenities


Cold water

Hot water

Indoor or private bathroom

Private outdoor bathroom

Shared bathroom (lodge, guest lodge and private residence)

Indoor toilet

Indoor shower

Comfort station


Automatic heating system

Wood heating system

Electric lighting system

Propane lighting system