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Les pourvoiries du Québec

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Use Your Hunting Optics Year Round

18 January 2017
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When the moment of truth arrives on a big game hunt, you want all your actions and reactions to be second nature. You need to be able to make the shot, and a clean kill, almost without thinking at all. Of course, you must never take your mind off safety, but everything else should flow like it has happened 10,000 times before. That’s because it has; if not actually then, at least, in your mental preparation. It’s especially critical to develop that kind of familiarity with your hunting ...

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Caribou Antler
22 December 2016

Quebec-Labrador Caribou sport hunting comes to an end: A serious blow for the economic development of Northern Quebec

Quebec, December 22nd, 2016 – The Quebec Outfitters Federation (QOF) would like to express its view following the Quebec Government’s Ministère ...

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12 September 2016

Speckled Trout Lessons

Where I am from, a number of the streams are home to native speckled trout, called brook trout here. A big one runs 12 inches, perfect for the pan if ...

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