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© Audrey Monette 

Gaspésie’s natural beauty turns the simplest of activities into memorable moments. The region’s vast territory and varied landscapes make it a truly special place to enjoy one of your favourite pastimes—fishing! We’ve put together a list of all the different types of fishing you can find in the Gaspé Peninsula. Get ready for a one-a-kind experience! 

Amazing catches off the wharves 

Besides offering some of the finest views of the Gulf, Gaspésie wharvesThis link will open in a new window are ideal for beginner anglers of all ages. Did you know that, in 25 municipalities, you can even fish from the wharves free of charge and without a permit? There’s no better place to stop and enjoy the scenery. It’s also a great place to meet local fishers, who are happy to share tips and advice on fishing and on this beautiful region. 

Mackerel fishing is a favourite here. When the timing is right, you can quickly make some incredibly satisfying catches! Simply attach a series of hooks to your line and wait for the next school of mackerel to come along . . . you could catch up to six at a time! You and your children won’t believe your eyes! 

You can also fish for other species, including plaice, capelin and striped bass. At some places, including accommodations and outdoor businesses, you can even rent rods. 

© Roger St-Laurent 

Experience the thrill of salmon fishing 

World-renowned for salmon fishing, Gaspésie is home to 22 salmon-filled riversThis link will open in a new window. The crystal-clear waters and lush environment make it a real fishing paradise for locals and visitors alike. Most bodies of water run through the majestic Chic-Choc Mountains—a truly great setting for your fishing expeditions. Surrounded by peaceful wilderness, you’ll want to stay for more than a day! 

Fishing pools on the Matane River are easily accessible from the road. So are the York, Dartmouth and Saint-Jean rivers, which all intersect and flow through largely uninhabited wilderness. With a guide or on your own, you’re sure to have a wonderful experience as you venture out on a boat or go wading directly in the river. Learn-to-fish packages are also available, so you can pass on your love of fishing to your children. 

The Matapédia River is also well-known and considered by many as one of the best salmon rivers in Quebec. Head to the Matapédia River Lodge OutfitterThis link will open in a new window, a 4-star establishment, for a good night’s sleep after a day of fishing in the rapids under the Routhierville Bridge. A perfect day! 

Crédit photo : Antoine Blier 
© Antoine Blier

Sunset excursions 

Looking for an action-packed fishing experience complete with scenic views from an outstanding vantage point? Like to observe seabirds, seals and whales? Try a sea fishing excursion. Expert guides will advise you on how to successfully catch striped bass, plaice and mackerel. Listen to the sounds of the sea, breathe in the salty air and get ready for some great fishing! 

For something more peaceful, try a canoe or kayak excursion, during which you can also cast your line. See the fish up close and watch the sunset in the tranquility of nature.  

© IAmNomad

A striped bass feast on the beach 

Did you know that striped bass is particularly abundant in Gaspésie, in the salt waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence? This delicious fish, known for its lean white flesh, puts up an impressive fight when hooked. The daily catch limit is set at three per person, and you can only keep fish that are 50 to 65 cm long.  

A great way to fish for this species is right on the beach when the tide is coming in. Plan a get-together with your gang at Carleton-sur-Mer, Caplan, Saint-Siméon, Bonaventure or Percé and cast your artificial lures with hooks in the water. The beaches of Haldimand and Boom Defense are also excellent spots if you’re in the Gaspé area. Top off your day by cooking your catch over an open fire, right on the beach. Summer doesn’t get much better than this!   

Gaspésie offers a wide range of activities for fishers of ages, skill levels and preferences. Whether you prefer non-stop action or peace and quiet, this is the ideal region for learning the art of lake, sea and river fishing or honing your angling skills. Several outfitters in the region offer packagesThis link will open in a new window, which can include equipment rentals, if needed. That way you can enjoy the magnificent Chic-Chocs and the tranquility of nature with peace of mind—just keep an eye out for moose! Before heading out on the water, visit the Tourisme Gaspésie websiteThis link will open in a new window to check out the region’s hidden treasures. You’re sure to get hooked on Gaspésie!  

© Roger St-Laurent