What is an outfitter?

Outfitters offer much more than just world-class hunting and fishing.

Rent one of our cottages and take part in various outdoor activities, including the traditional pursuits of hunting and fishing, but also resort-type activities, nature watching, hiking, snowmobiling, canoeing and much more. Explore a rich diversity of landscapes, flora and fauna.

Packages designed for families, friends and couples allow you to combine your favourite activities. One of the advantages of staying at an outfitter is that any activity can be quickly and easily organized, and every outfitter is staffed by professionals who can supervise and guide visitors in a safe environment. Your outfitter provides all necessary equipment and services, making your stay pleasant and hassle-free.

Out of Quebec’s 675 outfitters, almost 400 are members of the Quebec Outfitters Federation.

Type of outfitter

PADE (Outfitter with exclusive rights)
These are outfitters that have exclusive wildlife exploitation rights in a given territory, under an exclusive rights lease arrangement with the Ministry, for hunting and/or fishing and/or trapping. The designated territory is subject to a specific Wildlife Trust agreement and only the outfitter’s clients are permitted to hunt, fish or trap within that territory.

PSDE (Outfitter without exclusive rights)
These are outfitters that do not have exclusive wildlife exploitation rights. Their clients are permitted to hunt and fish on public land, where they may encounter other hunters or fishers, or on private land.