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Les pourvoiries du Québec

Quebec Outfitters Federation

5237, boul. Wilfrid-Hamel, local 270
Québec (QC), Canada G2E 2H2

Phone : 418.877.5191
Toll Free : 1 800 567.9009
Fax : 418.877.6638

The personal information that you provide is kept confidential and used only to send you the information produced and / or managed by the Quebec Outfitters Federation. Under no circumstances shall this data be transmitted to other party without your prior consent. At any time, simply contact us if you wish to be removed from our contact list.

To join one of our outfitters, see the description data using the Vacation planner.

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QOF staff

Québec Outfitters Federation Employees

The QOF’s permanent employees are always available to answer the questions posed by outfitters and their clients. You can contact a member of the QOF’s permanent staff by calling (418) 877-5191 or toll-free at 1-800-567-9009, followed by the individual’s extension number. If you are not sure who you should speak to, press 0.

Alain Parenteau, Marketing Director
[email protected]
poste: 247

Bruno Dumont, Director of environmental
sustainability and associative life 

[email protected]
poste: 222

Carmelle Tremblay, Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Christine Joncas, Marketing Assistant
[email protected]

Chantal Beauchesne, Information Agent
[email protected]

Me Dominic Dugré, Secretary-General
[email protected]

Doriane Fournier Perkins, CPA, CMA, Controller
[email protected]
1-800-567-9009 poste: 223

Fernand Potvin, Forestry engineer
[email protected]

Florent Déraps, Classifier
[email protected]
poste: 239

François Trottier, Forestry engineer
[email protected]

Guy Asselin, Forestry engineer
[email protected]
1-800-567-9009 poste: 228

Jean-Frédéric Mongrain, Project Manager
[email protected]

Jonathan Leblond, Director of Forestry
[email protected]
poste: 235

Marc Delisle, Classifier
[email protected]
poste: 226


Marc Plourde, CEO
[email protected]
poste: 0

Marie-Josée Blanchette, Project Manager
[email protected]
poste: 236

Simon Duchaine, Web and Communication agent
[email protected]