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Associate members of the Quebec Outfitters Federation, a network built on trust!



For several years, the Federation has established a network of organizations and companies offering outfitter products and services with the following objectives:

  • To provide its members with a variety of quality outfitting products and services to help with their daily activities;
  • To bring together a network of suppliers who are committed to respecting the values and principles of the Code of Ethics for associate members;
  • To offer our network of associate providers ways to maximize their communication efforts with QOF outfitters.

Benefitting from many advantages in terms of communication with active Federation members, associate members are recognized by outfitters for the quality of their products and services. Membership in the QOF is not automatic. A selection procedure has been in place for several years, allowing us to maintain high standards of quality throughout our network.

If you are interested in becoming an associate member and maximizing your communication efforts with Quebec’s outfitters, contact Chantal Beauchesne by e-mail at [email protected].


Chaloupes Vercheres inc.
Manufacturer of boats, flat-bottomed wooden since 1871. Different sizes are available to meet your needs.
Groupe NatureBooker
Groupe NatureBooker is a Quebec company that provides an online reservation platform for hunting, fishing and outdoor activities. In addition, we integrate, free of charge, our secure technology directly on tourism business website, which provides a customer and service tracking automation.
Gestion MI-RO (PM) inc.
We are printing brokers. Our goal is to offer quality printing for an affordable price and on time. “Service is our strength.” We can meet all your printing needs such as: general stationery, booth displays, brochures, pamphlets, leaflets and labels. You have a project, use our trusted team expertise.
Rocksoft - Anemone Expedition
Anemone Expedition is an integrated management software designed specifically to optimize your room or cottage rental operations. With Anemone Expedition, increase your productivity, reduce costs and delays and provide better service to the customer.
Via Capitale Rive-Nord
Specialized in outfitting sale transactions for over 30 years.
Immobilier Himalaya Real Estate Corp.
Sébastien Pilote : 819-230-1134 / Roger Rhéaume : 514-585-2605
We are a real estate agency specializing in commercial brokerage. Our team continually improve its services and promote its expertise to facilitate outfitter’s sales and purchases. Our presence rises and we a prime position in the Quebec resort sector.
Royal Lepage Commercial
Province de Québec
Jean-Luc Pulinckx : 450 788-2200 ou 514 825-4588 | [email protected]
Luc Gaudet: 514-770-3181 | [email protected]
We are a team of two experienced commercial brokers in outfitting sales. Our affiliation with one of the largest banners in Quebec and Canada ensures our customers a powerful highlight in the outfitting and recreational sectors. Visit www.lucgaudet-courtieragree.com or www.rlpjeanlucpulinckx.com for more details!
Born To Hunt, un mode de vie
Our goal and priority are to promote your services while we capture our hunting and/or fishing adventures at your outfitter. We are a professional, dynamic and bilingual team that offers a unique opportunity to target both your French clients on TVA Sports as well as your English clients on Wild TV.
Boutique WAGA inc.
Bedding products manufacturer specialized for small hotel. WAGA offers a simplified shopping experience: order online to your convenience and receive it at your home in a few days. Sheets available in economic packages.
Imago Structures
Unique experience maker for ready-to-camp: yurt and tents.
Joli-Coeur Lacasse S.E.N.C.R.L.
Joli-Cœur Lacasse is a law firm who choose to dedicate its services for small and medium businesses with highly competitive rates. With a multidisciplinary team of 100 lawyers in our three (3) institutions of Quebec, Trois-Rivieres and Montreal, we can advise you, in French and English, whatever are your legal needs. As an associated member, we offer to each QOF member a free one (1) hour legal consultation per civil year, and a 10% discount on our professional fees.
Fondation de la faune du Québec
The Fondation de la faune du Québec can help you with your conservation or wildlife habitat development project through one of our assistance programs. Discover our assistance programs: http://www.fondationdelafaune.qc.ca/en/initiatives/assistance_programs
Salon National de la Pourvoirie
Salon National de la Pourvoirie of Laval, Québec, Trois-Rivières and Sherbrooke promoter.
Salon Plein air, Chasse, Pêche et Camping de Montréal et Québec
514-866-5409 | 418-622-8118
Montreal and Quebec "Salon Expert Chasse-Pêche et Camping" promoter and producer.
Optimize forest fire protection to ensure the sustainability of the forest environment for the good of the community, and to do so at the lowest possible cost. The challenge is great. Each year in Quebec, an average of 486 fires affect thousands of hectares of forest in the intensive protection zone. Discover each of the sectors that make SOPFEU a unique company in Canada.
RCPS – Passion Plein Air / Outdoor Passion
TV shows Passion Plein Air and Outdoor Passion, and high definition corporate and commercial video production, and all audio-video services including editing and shooting.
Les Entreprises Chassomaniak
418-226-0975 / 418-222-9561
The TV show Chassomaniak is broadcast on TVA Sports 1 and 2, COGECO and Wild TV since March 2016. Hunting videos tour “Next Generation” (5th edition in 2016) in more than 65 cities in Quebec and New Brunswick from January to April each year. Facebook account of 200,000 subscribers with more than 450,000 views per week.
Rona Inc.
514-599-5900 #5084
Provide outfitters hardware products, renovation and construction materials and all other related products.
GO TRANSACTO - GROUPE ESP is a Quebec company specializing in financial services, offering commercial financing solutions, and technologies for card payments (such as VISA, MasterCard, and direct payment). For many years we offer more affordable, simple and suitable solutions for thousands of businesses. We stand out by our quality and customized service. That made our reputation with thousands of companies in private and public sectors.
Centre de formation Harricana
819-732-1717 poste 3464
Training in the protection of forests, forest management, woody materials harvesting, forest road, logging and wood processing, and customized training. Service for business. Learning Assessment and Recognition.
Centre de formation professionnelle du Fjord
La Baie
Educational institution offering Wildlife Protection & Exploitation course. We offer more training: remote site rescues, TAG 4, boat cards, logging cards, propane uses, hunting and fishing guides, etc.
Centre de formation professionnelle de Mont-Laurier
Customized training for outfitting. Rental of premises for training. Free placement assistance service for outfitters. Regular, full-time or part-time, casual or summer employment display.
Les Productions LeCamp
Les Productions LeCamp produces TheCamp and Québec à vol d'oiseau (QVO) for hunting, fishing and outdoors discoveries.
Cain Lamarre
With 210 lawyers and 22 notaries active in all fields of law and in every sector of the economy all across Québec, Cain Lamarre is the firm best equipped to serve clients in every region.
Techno Metal Post
Thetford Mines
Helical piles for cottage foundations, garages, decks, additions, footbridges, boardwalks, signs, tank, antenna tower, solar panels, etc.
Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec
514 252-3076
The Québec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (FCMQ), a sectorial touristic association, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of the sport of snowmobiling throughout the province of Québec existing for more than 42 years. The FCMQ looks after the interests of its 200-member clubs and 90,000 snowmobiler members, and anyone, tourists or uninitiated snowmobilers. More than 4,500 volunteers dedicate every year 800,000 hours for the provincial snowmobile trails network maintenance, more than 33,000 kilometres.
Ondago is a free mobile application with geo-tracking functions and interactive maps. Its technology allows using maps without network access (WiFi or cell phone). Users will be located on the territory and will find information relevant to their activity. Ideal for outfitters.
Théo Récréo
We offer a wide selection of Yamaha products: outboard, ATV, side by side, snowmobile, snowblower, generator, energy products, motorcycle, watercraft, boat. We are also a G3 dealer, have our 5 stars mechanical workshop and are certified Pro-Camp dealer.
Assurances Provencher Verreault
General insurance. Custom packages for outfitters.
Sensé Communication inc.
Satellite phone. Sale/lease/airtime/service. Mobile and fixed installations. Ability to enable an existing device. Custom solutions. Fixed and mobile Internet (VSAT) available. Submission without charge and without obligation.
Management software: outfitting, restaurant, booking, hotel business, accounting, point-of-sale, direct deposit/withdrawal. Workshop for forestry, municipal, Aboriginal, customized, web page, record keeping.