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Outdoors activities

Summer  activities

Nautical activities
Swimming with attendant
Every outfitter has plenty of great swimming holes. To beat the heat, there’s nothing better than taking a swim with the kids or cooling off after a hike. Jump in our lakes, rivers, ponds, etc!
Camping with or without amenities
Tent or RV, we’ve got you covered. Many outfitters offer full service, semi-service, and rustic campsites. What kind of camper are you?
Staying at an outfitter is a chance to do more than just catch fish! Our lakes and rivers are a place for boaters to experience the peaceful and enchanting landscapes. On your marks… get set … paddle!
Sea cruise
Whale watching, marine birds, the fresh salt air, incredible views of the coast… anchors away!
Wilderness survival initiation
Learn to do more with less! Our experts will show you all the tips and tricks, teach you the basics of living off the forest, and give you the practical skills to help you discover your inner woodsman! Some outfitters will give you the required training so that even in the worst circumstances, your trip…
Introduction to Native culture
An ancient culture lives on in Aboriginal communities, remembered through stories, lifestyle and culture. Each group is defined by the natural features of its territory. Some outfitters know a lot about local native groups, giving you an opportunity to learn about their culture and customs. Kwe!
Nature interpretation
Explore the relationship between human beings and their environment, learn the names of trees and plants, or learn which mushrooms are edible. This outdoor activity is offered in some of our outfitters, and you can do it alone using our interpretive signs, or go out with a naturalist guide. Ready for the discovery?
Sea Kayaking
From whitewater to a calm ocean, this increasingly popular sport is offered at several of our outfitters. Give it a try!
Quad (ATV) rides
Does nothing make you happier than jumping on your quad and taking off for the day? Never ridden an ATV, but you really want to try it out? Our outfitters provide access to provincial trails and ATV rentals. Get out on the trail!
Wildlife observation
The diversity of wildlife in Quebec’s forests captivates more than just hunters. Did you know that some of our outfitters offer wildlife watching? Come and observe the industrious beaver, the graceful white-tailed deer, and the majestic black bear. These discoveries can be made safely with the help of your outfitter.
Black bear watching
Looking for a new outdoor adventure? Some of our outfitters offer the unforgettable experience of watching these magnificent mammals. Accompanied by a guide, safely discover the local flora and fauna while learning about the habitat and life of black bears in the best way possible: up close!
For centuries, Aboriginals have relied on the rabaska’s large capacity for travel, trade and migration. Today, rabaska canoeing is a hobby for outdoor enthusiasts that is offered in some of our outfitters. The boat’s stability makes it ideal for relaxing nature watching, racing, and extended portage trips. Nobody stays on the dock!
Horseback riding
Do you love horses? Our outfitters do too, and some of them offer wilderness trail rides.
Mountain biking
Rain or shine, our outfitters offer many miles of trails that allow you to explore nature in every one of Quebec‘s regions. Don’t have a bike? Check and see if you can rent one!

Winter activities

Over-snow vehicle excursions
Cruise the trails around our outfitters and discover the beauty of the winter landscape on an over-snow vehicle, commonly known as a snowcat, which was built by the illustrious J. Armand Bombardier from 1930 to 1950. Once upon a time, this vehicle was used by village priests, postmen, or doctors when the roads were too snowy.…
A thick layer of snow, the perfect slope—hop on your toboggan and go! Of course, you still have to hike back up to the top….
The most common winter activity at any outfitter, snowmobiling is often combined with ice fishing. Our outfitters offer snowmobile and safety helmet rentals, and access to the provincial network of snowmobile trails. Many of them even provide food and accommodation for snowmobile trips.
Skating on lakes is an old tradition, and some outfitters can lend or rent you skates.
Ice fishing
Interested in this outdoor activity? Some outfitters can lend or rent you snowshoes. If you already have experience, feel free to take off into the forest on your own!
Cross-country skiing
Miles of wilderness trails! Most trips last less than a day, but there are also shelters for longer trips. If you’re interested in trying it out, some outfitters can lend or rent you the equipment.
Your sled is packed, the dogs are ready to hit the trail and you are driving them on through the wilderness. Discover the outfitters that offer this unique and authentic adventure.

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