Useful information

Useful information


If you have any questions, wish to learn more about hunting regulations or would you like a few practical tips, this section can provide you with the answers you seek and direct you to related sites.The information below is taken from the Web site of the Quebec Ministry of Wildlife Resource.

To be legally allowed to hunt in Quebec, you must be familiar with the latest regulations, which arise from the Act respecting the conservation and development of wildlife. This law ensures the equitable distribution of resources among users and safeguards the survival of animal species.

The best way to obtain a copy of the latest hunting regulations is to contact your outfitter or see the hunting section of the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife.

Hunting zones & Hunting seasons

Quebec is divided into 29 zones, 28 of which are hunting zones. Each zone has its own requirements pertaining to ownership of the hunting grounds, the species living there, hunting seasons and bag limits.


Hunting certificate

All Canadian residents living in the province of Quebec who want to go hunting, regardless of whether their weapon of choice is a gun, crossbow or bow, need a hunting certificate.The certificate is given after taking a mandatory initiation course, which is offered year round, except from September 15 to November 15. For the course schedule, go to the Web site of the Fédération québécoise de la Faune (only in French) and click on Cours d’armes à feu / arc. Non-residents do not need this certificate.


Hunting license

Anyone who wishes to go hunting in Quebec needs a hunting lisence. Hunters must have their license with them while hunting. Special conditions apply to those with a family license. The hunting license must be presented upon request to a wildlife officer or assistant wildlife officer. The license holder must sign his or her license.The hunting license for residents is given to any Canadian resident living in Quebec holding a valid hunting certificate. A certificate is not required to hunt hares, eastern cottontails, leopard frogs, green frogs and bullfrogs. Anyone wishing to hunt migratory birds must obtain two licenses: the the migratory bird license available at the post office, and the small game hunting license.

Any non-resident of at least 12 years of age and living outside Quebec can obtain a hunting license for non-residents. The Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife has several types of family licenses to accommodate the needs of the public. A hunting license may be obtained from official license vendors, such as certain sports stores, hardware stores, corner stores or authorized outfitters. For the cost of a hunting license or for any other information on the subject, see the Web site of the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife.


Hunting rules

You should be aware of the rules for bag limits and transporting, registering and exporting bagged big game animals. What should you do if you make an accidental kill? Is it legal to shoot a weapon from public roads or to go night hunting? What vehicles and watercraft can be used on hunting trips? How can a person with a disability obtain a hunting license? Other rules for hunting in Quebec pertain to such topics as ammunition, hunting with dogs and the wearing of an orange safety vest.

Contact the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife to obtain a copy of the hunting regulations currently in effect. A valid license can help you avoid many problems and, in certain cases, can provide you with compensation should you suffer a serious accident while hunting.

The hunting license and certificate are a commitment, responsibility and requirement that must not be overlooked.