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Domestic bison

Domestic bison


Hunting - Domestic bison in Quebec's outfitters

Total length :  200 to 350 cm (79 to 138 in)


Shoulder height :  150 to 200 cm (59 to 79 in)

Weight :  Males from 800 to 1100 kg (1764 to 2425 lb); females from 500 to 600 kg (1102 to 1323 lb)

Coloration :  Dark brown fur with almost black face, mane, feet and upper side of tail


External characteristics :  Large, hardy ruminant with long, rugged hocks and wooly ground hair giving a two-tone appearance; long, shaggy, dark brown mane contrasting with near-black beard; hind-quarters with short, wiry chestnut-colored fur appearing almost black.

Bison have a well-developed sense of smell, excellent vision and a strong herding instinct.  Commonly called “buffalo”, the correct designation for the North-American species is “bison”.

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