Experience hunting in Quebec Outfitters

The experience of hunting in a Quebec Outfitters is a unique adventure. The vast and rich territories of the outfitters are real playgrounds that will allow you to discover all the wildlife that Quebec has to offer you.

Hunting for small and large game

Why not come and hunt the most beautiful species in Quebec such as majestics moose, deer and black bear? Will you be keen enough to catch the Canada goose, the woodcock, the ruffed groose, the snowshoe hare or the snow goose?

Small or large game, waterfowl or migratory birds, leave alone or in groups on the trail of your favorite prey.


Species - Hunting game
Big Game Black bear White-tailed deer Moose Migratory caribou Domestic bison Ruffed grouse Snowshoe hare Spruce grouse Coyote Wild turkey Pheasant Red grouse Wolf Guinea fowl Woodcock Canada goose Duck Snow goose Description's source : Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune Sentier Chasse-Pêche
Hunting packages
Useful information
  If you have any questions, wish to learn more about hunting regulations or would you like a few practical tips, this section can provide you with the answers you seek and direct you to related sites.The information below is taken from the Web site of the Quebec Ministry of Wildlife Resource. To be legally…
Hunting methods
Bow/Crossbow   Firearm   Black powder riffle Hunting dog   Guided