Financial Assistance Measure for Outfitters

The Québec Outfitters Federation (QOF) is benefiting from a $24.6 million  assistance measure to promote the consolidation of infrastructures and the growth of Québec outfitters in a sustainable development context. This financial assistance is made possible by a contribution from the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (MFFP).

Under this measure, outfitters can obtain non-repayable financial assistance to carry out their development projects, to upgrade their environmental facilities or to finance specific studies aimed at expanding the tourism offer in Quebec outfitters.

To facilitate the processing of applications, it is strongly recommended that you read the Guide for Outfitters carefully before beginning to fill out any of the application forms for financial assistance.

Consult the Guide for Outfitters

Below you will find the different application forms for each type of projects.

Please use the appropriate form for your type of project.



  1. Planning for an infrastructure construction/improvement and/or upgrade project for environmental infrastructures

    • If your project is about the planning of future renovations, use this form.

      FORM: Component 1 – Planning
      (*Download the document to fill out the form on your desktop)

  2. Construction or improvement for accommodation and reception of guests

    • If your infrastructure improvement project also involves the transition to renewable energy and/or the upgrading of the wastewater treatment system, include these elements in the same application using this form

      FORM: Component 1 – Construction-Infrastructure Improvement
      (*Download the document to fill out the form on your desktop)

  3. Environmental upgrade (transition to renewable energy, wastewater management, waste management)

  4. Projects to adapt, diversify or improve the outfitter’s offer, mainly under the nature and adventure type (including business plans, development plans, market studies, sustainable development action plans, etc., carried out by a consultant or expert



The QOF held a virtual ZOOM meeting on August 10 to present the various modalities of the project to outfitters. The links below will allow you to view all or some segments of the presentation as well as the PowerPoint used as a visual support.

To view the August 10, 2021 presentation: CLICK HERE

To download the PowerPoint presentation: CLICK HERE


If you have any questions after reading the Guide for Outfitters for the realization of a project, you can contact Sylvie Mercier at 1-800-567-9009 ext. 230 or at [email protected]. You can be assured that we will answer you as soon as possible.