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Largemouth bass

Body shape : Deep-bodied, much less laterally compressed than the sunfish

Average size : 20 to 38 cm (8 to 15 in)

Coloration :  Varies according to habitat; darker with more obvious black pigmentation in clear, weedy water; lighter in dark or turbid water; bright green to olive body with black lateral stripe (more pronounced in younger fish); brownish eyes; caudal fin dull, opaque green in both younger and older fish.

External characteristics : Large head and eyes, wide mouth with upper jaw extending beyond the eye; numerous tiny teeth; 2 dorsal fins, the first rounded with 10 spines of varying lengths and nearly separate from the soft-rayed second fin; pelvic fins located on thorax, not joined by a membrane but attached to the body almost beneath pectoral fins; 3 strong spines on the anal fin; caudal fin moderately forked.

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