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Les pourvoiries du Québec

Quebec Outfitters Federation

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Lakes, rivers… if there’s water, fish!

I’m an explorer at heart, and my job gives me the chance to discover the vastness and splendour of the wilderness that make Quebec a dream destination for any fishing enthusiast. From my experience as an outfitter, I can tell you that whether you cast your line from the shores of a quiet lake, the banks of a raging river, out on the St. Lawrence or in a natural reservoir, you will keep fond memories of your fishing trip to Quebec for years to come.

Trout, Atlantic salmon, or walleye? Decisions, decisions

If you fish long enough, you learn a thing or two, so I guess you could say I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve! Fly fishing or ice fishing, summer or winter, my passion is helping you to get the best out of your trip. Join me for an unrivalled fishing experience and catch one of everything. Some of my favourites are the brook trout (also known as the speckled trout), the walleye (great eating!), the northern pike and the famous Atlantic salmon.

Take us up on the invitation. Staying at an outfitter means excitement!

Just like every region has its own speciality, every outfitter has its own dedicated experts providing advice, equipment, accommodation and an exhilarating wilderness experience. When the day is done, you better believe I’ve got some good fishing stories to tell!

Cast that lure! And happy fishing!

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