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ROAD TRIP SPECIAL – A destination that nourishes my soul… and fills my fridge!

4 October 2021

By Michel Therrien @michel.therrien.902 | @mike_michel_therrien @chassequebec

Last October, following a last-minute cancellation, the owners of an outfitter offered me a little MOOSE and GROOSE combo in their beautiful part of the country. Suddenly, I got very excited, because this outfitter is located in the region where I experienced my first great hunting and fishing adventures.

Since my first captures of deer, bears and moose in my native Hautes-Laurentides, a lot has changed around the inevitable Route 117 North. Like me, the fishermen and hunters who sometimes take this road trip have seen the birth over the years of new tourist, agrotourism, natural and cultural sites.

It was moose hunting time for Mel and I, and after a rigorous survey of the area with my friend and guide Keven Léonard, we chose our strategy. After discovering a recent rub, I hear the buck respond to my calls, and come before me, rustling through the brush. He appeared on a colourful, lush and wild backdrop, just like on the cover of a hunting magazine. My 308 Browning echoed in the mountains, and just a few minutes later, I was running my fingers along the muscular body of this deer that Mother Nature had chosen for me… for us!

Favourites in the Region

  1. Parc régional Montagne du Diable
    City:  Ferme-Neuve 
    This place is a must. A beautiful mountainous playground criss-crossed with hiking and cycling trails.
  1. Mont-Tremblant
    City: Mont-Tremblant

  2. Chemin du Terroir
    In the southwestern part of the region, you will discover the Laurentians in a new light! Honouring local products and our heritage, the Chemin du Terroir is an official, signposted tourist route that will guide you over 226 kilometres through small rural paths, in a setting suitable for romantic or family getaways.

  3. Route des Belles-Histoires
    City:  from Saint-Jérôme to Mont-Laurier

  1. Le P’tit Train du Nord
    Closely linked to the history of the Laurentians, the old P’tit Train du Nord railway line became a bicycle path in 1996, offering a 234-kilometre route through nature. On this path, visit our lively towns and villages and discover heritage stations, numerous restaurants as well as a host of cultural activities, art galleries and charming boutiques.

  2. Nordic spas

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