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ROAD TRIP SPECIAL – Hunting for the king and teasing sport fish

15 October 2021

By Chassomaniak @chassomaniak

Outfitters on the Côte-Nord are favourite destinations for the Chassomaniak team. For the record, the first shooting of Chassomaniak was made in one of the many outfitters in the Côte-Nord, region, the Lac Dionne outfitter. Since then, every year, “The Maniaks” have taken part in black bear hunting adventures as well as the quest for the “king of our forests”, the moose. We also enjoy teasing species of sport fish like the native brook trout, lake trout, walleye, pike and noble Atlantic salmon. For the Chassomaniak gang, the Côte-Nord represents a unique territory for an extraordinary adventure on each expedition.

On the road, we are big fans of the 70s Disco Party playlist.

Discover North Shore outfitters!

Favourites in the Region

1. Outfitter fishing
With its countless lakes full of native brook trout and its rivers teeming
with salmon, the Côte-Nord is a fisherman’s paradise, whether fly fishing or
on a boat!

2. Pointe-des-Monts lighthouse
City: Pointe-des-Monts

3. Réserve du parc national de l’Archipel-de-Mingan
City: Havre-Saint-Pierre

4. Musée Shaputuan
City: Sept-Îles
The Maison de transmission de la culture innue (home of Innu culture
transmission) shares the ancestral knowledge of the Innu people. Discover
the arts of hunting, fishing and survival in the forest.

5. Visit of the Manic-2, Manic-5 and Romaine-1 dams
City: Baie-Comeau

6. Centre d’interprétation et d’observation de Cap-de-bon-Désir
City: Grandes-Bergeronnes

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