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SPECIAL ROAD TRIP IN QUEBEC – Waterfowl Hunting Experience

29 April 2021

By José Boily @Quebecavoldoiseau

There are some times of the year when Québec just forces you to step outside. A kind of force of nature, a command from a greater power, making you go outside just to watch the sun rise or smell the fresh air blowing around in the wind. In the spring, this irresistible spell leads me to the quest for the snow goose in the beautiful Chaudière-Appalaches region. A unique place bordered to the north by the great St. Lawrence River and to the south by the Appalachian mountain range, this area of our province has everything necessary to welcome the great migration. The flats stretching with the tides combined with the region’s generous farmland have always attracted the attention of geese and ducks.

The month of May is simply magical in the Chaudière-Appalaches region. Without fail, I go there every year to celebrate the return of good weather, the end of winter and especially to experience the fever of snow goose hunting. Philippe Vignoul is my obligatory partner. He who speaks to the geese using his electronic calls is the mastermind of this spring pilgrimage. Nothing is more important to me on this date than being able to spend time in a cache and hear the flapping of the coveted bird’s wings. It’s about much more than hunting; it’s a time that I give myself to recharge in nature.

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