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Holiday Magic at Outfitters

20 November 2020

The holiday season is upon us!

Enjoy this time off with your loved ones in outfitters. Let yourself be taken away by the joys of winter far away in the woods. With family or friends, the outfitters are waiting to welcome you safely.


Accommodations and Sanitary Measures in Outfitters

With the uninterrupted flow of information on COVID-19, you can easily get lost! So here are a few guidelines to start planning your next trip to an outfitter:

  • From December 17 to 24, all Quebecers will be asked to respect a voluntary confinement, but it will be possible to stay at an outfitter in your family “bubble”!

  • From December 24 to 27, it will finally be time to gather and celebrate with your family and friends! Gatherings of 10 people will be allowed anywhere in Quebec, regardless of the alert level in effect.

  • As of December 28, the situation will be a little less festive, but it will be possible to recharge your batteries and create memories with members of your household.

If you plan to travel to an outfitter, it is strongly recommended to avoid regional stops. So, do your shopping nearby and make sure to fill your tank before leaving home.


Restaurant Service

The outfitters’ dining rooms located in yellow and orange zones are always ready to welcome you!

In red zone, dining rooms must remain closed until at least January 11. However, many outfitters offer a catering service to enjoy in your cottage. Check with your outfitter to find out if this very cozy option is available!


Winter Activities

Many winter activities are available in outfitters: ice fishing, dog sledding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, etc.

This year, wearing a neck warmer will be mandatory when participating in these outdoor activities. It will also be necessary to respect the distance in all winter activities, but this should not keep you away from having fun with family and friends and getting a good dose of fresh air!

Access to relays and shelters will be allowed in all regions, regardless of the current alert level. It will be possible to warm up and eat your lunch there while respecting sanitary measures, including wearing a face cover and a two-meter distance all the time during your meal.

In red zones, it will be forbidden to offer meal and beverage service in the relays and shelters. Some outfitters will remain open only as a rest area for visiting snowmobilers, skiers and hikers, but it is strongly recommended that you check with the resort to ensure that this service will be available before you begin your trip.

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