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7 Advantages of Trout Fishing in Fall in the Lanaudière Region

1 October 2020

Did you know that Lanaudière outfitters are authorized to continue fishing until October 31? The fisherman in you will be delighted! Even more so when he knows all the advantages of choosing this season to fish. There are many of them, here are a few:

1- The trout is as active as it is in the spring

At this time, the trout’s feeding rhythm is in accelerated mode! It’s time for her to stock up. She is more active and less selective about her food. You will have the same fishing performance as in the spring!

2- The fish is more visible

There is also the visual aspect that should not be forgotten since the trout are then dressed in their most beautiful colors for spawning. The spawning circumstances also lead the trout to group together. This makes it possible to locate them more quickly.

3- There are no mosquitoes

You have to admit, mosquitoes in the spring are an irritant… so get rid of the mosquito repellent and protective nets. There’s no need to protect yourself from bugs at this time of the year. Happiness!

4- The panoramas are breathtaking

Lanaudière is characterized by a vast territory set between the river and the mountains, where most of Québec’s great landscapes can be found. To the south, the St. Lawrence River is obviously a popular place for fishing. Another fishing territory further north is the relief of mountains, forests, lakes, fast rivers and waterfalls. The colorful season is breathtaking and fishing in the fall offers a grandiose spectacle!

In the middle of a lake, the view of the colorful mountains is not to be missed. The tranquility of the lake will allow you to appreciate even more the colorful changes in the trees and to breathe the great outdoors! Many outfitters have accessible trails. Why not combine fishing with hiking? A perfect stay!

5- There is less visitors than in the spring

It is easier to book the dates you want. The outfitters are quieter and will allow you to enjoy the lakes and spaces more easily.

 6- The weather is perfect

The coolness of fall brings its share of lakes covered with a mysterious fog… Mornings are good and what can we say about afternoons that are no longer overwhelming in the big sun. On the contrary, the sun is welcome on our cheeks and he accompanies us in the ambient freshness. 

7- Proximity to major centres

Lanaudière has a large concentration of outfitters about an hour from Montreal. Between Lake Saint-Pierre and Manawan, people come here to tease all kinds of fish as well as to practice outdoor activities.

To fully appreciate fall and its colorful landscapes, to rest, recharge your batteries, spoil yourself and experience unforgettable fishing, book a fishing trip in the Lanaudière region in the fall! In the heart of the Lanaudière nature, you’ll have a front row seat to enjoy this colorful time of year.

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