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Tourism Recovery Plan Announcement

12 June 2020

Quebec Outfitters Will Continue to Collaborate with Government


The Quebec Outfitters Federation (QOF) welcomes the announcement made by the tourism minister, Caroline Proulx, the finance minister, Éric Girard, and the economy and innovation minister for the Tourism Recovery Plan for the greatest benefit of Quebec tourists.

These expected announcements will boost intra-Quebec tourism and will certainly contribute to the resumption of outfitting activities.

Outfitters, like many other industry players, were severely affected by the crisis and the measures announced today will help them get through it.  

Today’s announcements, combined with the resumption of mixed group accommodation in outfitters, should allow several businesses to get back on their feet and enjoy the next tourist season in Quebec.  

However, this is a first step toward recovery and the Government of Quebec will need to remain attentive to businesses so that they can rebound once the pandemic is over.

Path Toward Recovery

 The return to a more normal outfitting activities resumption will be long, as the crisis’s impacts will be felt for several months. Today’s announcements are a first step for businesses, but the ones from other government levels are still eagerly awaited. “There are pieces of the puzzle missing so that we can really make up our minds about the measures announced today and properly assess the impact of the crisis on outfitting businesses.” said Marc Plourde, CEO of the QOF.

 The deconfinement schedule is still incomplete and there are still many constraints. It will be possible to receive mixed groups as of Monday in outfitters, but the 24-hour delay between groups remains. “This mandatory quarantine period is difficult to understand and, above all, has serious consequences for outfitting entrepreneurs. It’s difficult to understand,” explains Mr. Plourde.

 Support Available for Outfitter Businesses

Outfitters will be able to benefit from the Programme d’action concertée temporaire pour les entreprises (PACTE). It will enable businesses to obtain loans and loan guarantees. The terms of these loans are advantageous, but with the recent crisis, the Quebec Outfitters Federation is wondering whether entrepreneurs will have the capacity to invest and increase their debt ratio.

Outfitters will also be able to count on the support of regional tourism associations, which have obtained additional funding to help regional businesses carry out their projects through the Ententes de partenariat régional en tourisme (EPRT). “There are a number of great opportunities for outfitters under the regional partnership agreements.” according to the CEO.

 Ready for Recovery and Safe by Nature!

Health measures to ensure the worker and client safety in outfitters are now well established and a Visitor’s Guide has been posted on to inform clients of the various measures to observe in preparation for their stay.

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