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Quebec Outfitters Will Be Ready to Welcome Guests This Summer

1 May 2020

Although the season beginning is currently unpredictable, outfitters are preparing for an imminent reopening.

In fact, most of the activities offered by the outfitters will be accessible with increased hygiene and social distancing measures. Because wide spaces are not missing deep in the woods.

Enhanced Hygiene Measures to Protect Workers and Clientele

For several weeks now, the Quebec Outfitters Federation has been working closely with partners in the Quebec tourism industry on analyzing best practices in terms of sanitation and consolidating effective protocols to ensure the safety of workers and visitors.

Each service offered by outfitters, from customer greetings to worker accommodations, has been carefully reviewed. Each operation has been broken down to the smallest detail to ensure that all actions comply with the most stringent sanitary measures.

The hygiene protocols that will be applied in outfitters have been developed with the standards that will be deployed by all the tourism industry partners. They comply with public health and CNESST directives.

Several useful tools will also be implemented to facilitate the application of the protocols by both workers and clientele. Safety is everyone’s business.

Among these tools are checklists, communication models informing clients with the procedures to follow upon arrival and the instructions to be followed during their stay. Clients could also receive a list of prior recommendations, such as having their fishing licences in their hands, shopping nearby their home and limiting the number of stops on their way to the outfitter.


Most outfitters now have access to their territories. Preparations for receiving clients have begun.

Despite the current uncertainty, it is possible to book a summer holiday with an outfitter.

To help you in your search, the Vacation Planner is a simple and easy to use tool available on our site. It is a powerful search engine that allows advanced searches according to your specific interests; accommodation type, activities, regions and much more. Many packages are also available.

With more than 300 outfitters and 4,500 cottages in more than 10 regions, the outfitters’ offer is exhaustive. The Quebec Outfitters vacation planner is certainly the best way to make efficient searches and plan a stay that meets your expectations.

If you have already made reservations for a stay at an outfitter this summer, we invite you to be patient and wait for the official announcements before contacting your outfitter to find out if they will be able to accommodate you this summer!

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