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Why I love Québec

30 January 2019

By Bill Miller, Outdoor Writer and Experienced Quebec Hunter

It almost seems impossible, but looking back at the photos – yes, printed photos taken on a film camera – proves I have been hunting and fishing in Quebec for more than 30 years. I’ve pursued about everything there is to hunt in Quebec – several times or more. I’ve fished a lot of different species, but still have Atlantic salmon on my bucket list, so there’s optimism I’ll get back there, too.

More than anything else, what brought me back to Quebec so many times when I could have hunted anywhere was the people. I made a lot of friends, especially among the outfitters and guides with whom I was blessed to hunt and fish. These are some of the finest outfitters I’ve hunted with anywhere in the world.

And I’ve forged friendships with the people at Quebec Outfitters Federation and in the tourism department. These are good people who work hard at sharing all that Quebec outdoors offers with non-resident hunters and anglers.

But most of all, the everyday people I’ve met during my travels impressed me the most. It’s not often these days hunters get a red-carpet welcome, but that’s how it felt virtually everywhere we traveled in Quebec. I do know I’ve never experienced cities like Montreal and Quebec City that are set up so well to handle the needs of hunters and anglers in transit. (The only exception was on one of my first trips when a fellow writer – a young single guy – and I went out to have a drink. Let’s just say the ladies there were less than impressed with my companion’s antics – but that was definitely more his fault than theirs!)

If I had to give you “10 Top Reasons Why You Should Experience Outdoors Quebec” they would be these:

10 . Big! Quebec is huge– nearly Alaska-huge!. It offers incredible diversity from tundra to farmlands to seashore to mountains to muskeg to marsh to forests to rivers to spring fed lakes to reservoirs.

09. Diverse! Quebec has moose, caribou, black bear and white-tailed deer. For anglers it has freshwater species like pike and walleye, plus trout and salmon – even saltwater denizens like shark.

08. Close! Many outdoor adventures in Quebec are easy, drive-to locations. And the far-flung adventures begin in Montreal or Quebec City.

07. Affordable! Packages range from do-it-yourself to all-inclusive to fit any budget. When the exchange rate is to our favor, the trips are absolute bargains!

06. Anticosti Island! This unique outdoor paradise offers everything from summer family camping to salmon fishing to whitetails on the beach.

05. Hidden Treasures! Few know of Quebec’s world-class upland bird and waterfowl hunting. There’s also spring hunting for Greater Snow Geese, and angling for “blue” walleye and arctic char! And ice fishing for sharks!

04. Hardworking Outfitters! Quebec has hundreds of quality, dedicated outfitters, resorts and lodges – members of the Quebec Outfitters Federation – waiting to serve you. There are pioneering operations in Quebec that are the best in the world … and continue to innovate.

03. Ready! Quebec’s outfitters are supported by established, honest businesses like air transport, hotels, meat processors and more who delight in serving hunters and anglers.

02. Welcoming! The people of Quebec are supportive of the outdoor pursuits, especially hunting and fishing, and they know great meals come from the field.

01. Black Bear! Quebec offers some of the best, most accessible, and affordable black bear hunting in the world. And in spring bear camp, there’s almost always great fishing on the agenda, too. This is all just a few hours drive from the most populated parts of the U.S.

Do I love hunting and fishing in Quebec? Book a trip for the two of us, and I’ll beat you to the airport!

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