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Spontaneous Outdoor Adventures in Quebec

6 April 2018

Sometimes, on a business trip or even a family vacation, opportunities for outdoor adventure just pop up. You find yourself with an extra day in a city or some activity that was planned falls through.

Those of us who are planners can have a difficult time dealing with these “openings.” How can an activity be good if it wasn’t researched, planned, and booked ahead of time?”

In my years of travel – both professional and personal – I’ve ended up with free time I didn’t expect in places I didn’t expect. But with a passion for hunting and fishing, I learned to take advantage of these opportunities for spontaneous outdoor adventure. The results have been some truly memorable days of fishing … and even hunting … in some of the most unexpected places.

When I realize I’ll have some free time on my hands, the first calls I usually make are to the contacts in the city or region I’m visiting. Does anyone there hunt or fish? Do those folks have a recommendation on where to go or who to go with?

Especially on business travel, there’s a good chance I don’t have any gear with me, so part of the process has to be tracking down the equipment I’ll need as well. That makes booking with a guide or charter service even a better option. Normally, these services can provide you with everything you’ll need – even the right licenses — on the spur of the moment.

The biggest problem in putting together a last minute adventure is often knowing who to trust. Just because someone at the company you’re dealing with says such and such charter provides good service, how do you know it’s not his brother-in-law who will split your fee for the recommendation?

That’s the beauty of traveling in a place like Quebec! No matter where you are in the province, checking out the Quebec Outfitters Federation website or calling them on the phone (1-800-567-9009) is going to provide you a list of outfitters in your area who meet the standards of the Federation! While these outfitters may not have a “day trip” listed on the site, it’s often worth a call to see what they can provide you.

Bottom line? Life’s too short to sit around a hotel room all day or mope because the road’s out to the attraction you’d planned to visit. Take advantage of these surprise opportunities and go hunting or fishing … no matter where you are!

By Bill Miller

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