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For a breath of fresh air

31 January 2018

For fishing… For hunting… For outdoor activities… For a stay in nature… For getting away… For leaving the beaten path… For a good time…

When you stop to think about it, you can really be struck by the richness and diversity of outfitters and the multitude of options they offer for stays.

Outfitters are about kilometres of wilderness, stories to share, epic struggles and unforgettable encounters.

Outfitters are a unique destination to be truly immersed in the natural world.

They are, purely and simply, the way to go for a breath of fresh air.


For memorable fishing trips

Fishing at an outfitter means going on an adventure. Armed with a fishing rod and a bit of ambition, everyone will love taking on new challenges and capturing the finest specimens.

Québec outfitters alone feature over 20,000 lakes, rivers and streams just waiting to be explored. Each outfitter, each lake, each river offers a completely unique fishing experience.

Some lakes are stocked, others are natural. Some outfitters let you challenge brook trout, others walleye, bass, pike and Atlantic salmon. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, you can have boatloads of fun—after all, fishing has something for everyone.

Fishing at an outfitter means meeting enthusiasts who know their territory like the back of their hand and can make your stay a truly memorable one.


For exceptional hunting

When you go hunting at an outfitter, you get to discover immense territories and come into contact with majestic nature and abundant wildlife. Québec outfitters are masters at helping you unplug from your everyday life and seek out the trophy of a lifetime.

Whether you’re looking for small or big game, waterfowl or migratory birds, head out alone or in a group to seek out your favourite prey. Outfitters know the art of the hunter. They act as your guide and work to increase your chances of harvesting the game you covet.

Hunting at an outfitter means immersing yourself in nature’s bounty and being fuelled by pure adrenaline.


For enjoying the great outdoors

When you seek the outdoors at an outfitter, you find Québec’s grand forests to explore. Nothing pulls you out of your daily routine like getting your fill of summer activities such as hiking, quad biking, water sports and wildlife watching or winter activities such as snowmobiling, snowshoeing, dogsledding and ice fishing.

Make sure you discover these huge playgrounds.

Québec outfitters welcome you, offering you direct and privileged access to territories that are exceptionally rich in diversity of landscapes, fauna and flora.

Get in tune with nature and enjoy.


For extraordinary resort facilities

When you stay at an outfitter resort, you’re stopping time. Filled with thousand and one memories, the sometimes cozy, sometimes rustic inns and cottages offered by outfitters welcome families, couples and groups who want to experience an unforgettable stay.

With over 2,500 cottages and inns, outfitters are nothing less than the largest network of accommodation in a natural setting in the province.

Your own little corner of paradise where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a cottage by the lake…

Ultimately, Québec outfitters are your chance to go on your dream holiday and discover all the riches of Québec’s back country.

You’re just one step away from the great outdoors.

And a breath of fresh air.

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