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What’s Happening Now

7 March 2016

Steve Pennaz
Co-Founder–EverFire Group
Host—Lake Commandos television show

My job title has changed several times over the past 25 years, but the primary focus has always been to create and deliver content related to fishing.

Yes, it’s a passion and I just plain love to fish.

My focus recently has been producing weekly episodes of Lake Commandos—Man vs. Lake vs. Man to the network (Sportsman Channel). We are also marketing another exciting television series called Treasures & Traditions, which shares our celebrates our outdoor heritage by appraising vintage hunting and fishing gear.

We celebrate the future of our sports through monthly articles that highlighting great new products that have hit the market. The most recent piece, delivered yesterday,
focuses on Abu Garcia’s line of new, high-performance spinning reels.

Technology has really changed how content is delivered. Early in my career the focus was magazine production, videos and television. Now, it’s television, video and social media. We have some incredible talent here who have helped grow Lake Commandos Facebook page to one of the larger in the fishing business in just a few short years, and we have a great website:

A highlight this past season was the opportunity to career my personal best muskie, a giant that measured 52 x 27 and weighed between 45 and 47 pounds!

What’s Next

We have 13 new episodes to shoot for next season so we are investigating new waters to try and new guests to feature on the show. Since we never pre-fish a location before taping, the challenge is finding water that host big fish, and then figuring our how to catch them in the time allotted.

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