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22 November 2015

I like to share fish stories. And they’re not always about the big ones caught (or lost) or when the fishing was so good we simply tired of catching fish.

Here are a few of my favorites from the past few years:

*On my daughter’s first fly-out fishing trip ever I told her to keep an eye out for moose during the drive to the float plane base. She didn’t believe me moose were in the area, but just a mile down the road we had to stop to let a big bull cross the highway ahead of us.

* While fishing trout in a river in the far north, an Atlantic salmon pushing 13 pounds slid into a current break just a few feet from me. One cast later I understood why anglers pursue this fish to the very ends of the earth. Nothing fights like a salmon!

* The mighty St. Lawrence River pushes past Quebec City and for years I wondered if the fishing was good in this urban water. In a single day, two of us landed several walleye, including a giant that weighed well over 10 pounds.

With spring just a few short weeks away, it’s clear I need to finalize my fishing plans for the summer.

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