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Fishing Quebec’s Far North

14 February 2013

Steve MacInnis - Adventures North

By Steve MacInnis, B.Sc. – Executive Producer – Adventures North Productions, Inc

It’s an angler’s paradise!  Bordered by the coastlines of Ungava Bay, Hudson Bay and the HudsonStrait, the northern most part of Quebec, the Nunavik region is vast and unspoiled.  Stretching from the edge of the boreal forest at the 55th parallel, north to the arctic coast at the edge of the North American continent, it’s one of the most sparsely populated, pristine wilderness areas on earth.

Although remote, commercial flights from the south provide easy access to the region.  Characterized by beautiful tundra landscapes, abundant wildlife, friendly Inuit people, quaint camps and lodges, and vast expanses of land and arctic waters, Nunavik is totally awesome.  The whole region boasts amazing fishing for species like Arctic Char, Atlantic Salmon, Brook Trout and Lake Trout.  Nunavik’s rivers, streams, lakes and coastal estuaries are prolific sport fisheries.  Whether spinning or fly fishing, your days are filled with action, excitement and angling adventure best described as totally wild and untamed.

A fishing adventure in this part of the world is so much more than just going to a place where you can catch a bunch of fish.  It’s a truly unique and fascinating experience.  The friendly Inuit people and their culture, expert guides, camp camaraderie and hospitality, spectacular scenery, fishing and wildlife viewing that rivals any on earth, reward you with memories that you keep.

It’s so exhilarating and spectacular we keep coming back.  For the last 15 years the crew of Adventures North TV have explored the waters throughout the region, documenting dozens of fantastic fishing adventures.  Reeling in exotic fish from crystal clear, virgin streams, casting a dry fly to eager Arctic Char or Salmon, fishing for trout until your arms are sore, watching a herd of Caribou on the horizon, and then taking a break for shorelunch, these are real and authentic experiences, Nunavik fishing experiences.

To learn more about northern Quebec’s Nunavik region, and the fishing adventures offered there, tune in to “Adventures North” and see why we call it an angler’s paradise!

As seen on Global-TV and Wild-TV

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