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Québec: vast territories!

6 February 2012

Québec: vast territories!

Québec’s vast territory brings you millions of bountiful lakes and rivers and unspoiled lands where you can experience nature at its best! Through the years, the Québec Outfitters network has developed unique expertise and high-quality products. Come and see for yourself what has made Québec a mythical destination for hunters and fishermen from all over the world!

From east to west and even beyond the 60th parallel, be prepared to visit places steeped in a thousand and one memories when booking a trip with Québec Outfitters. Take place in our authentic cottages, camps or lodges designed and built with your comfort in mind, from the most rustic to the most luxurious accommodations.

Accept the invitation and discover the Québec Outfitters network in any season, from resorts and nature tourism to outdoor adventures. Join them for an unrivalled fishing experience and catch one of everything. Some of Québec favourites: the brook/speckled trout, the walleye, the northern pike, the arctic char and the famous Atlantic salmon! Whether you cast your line from the shores of a quiet lake, the banks of a raging river, out on the St. Lawrence or in a natural reservoir, you will keep fond memories of your fishing trip to Québec for years to come.

Québec Outfitters know the wilderness like the back of their hand—let them show you Québec’s abundant wildlife. Feel privileged to hunt the majestic caribou or impressive moose. Graceful white-tailed deer and bulky black bear also await you in our wealthy territory. Don’t be fooled, hunting small game like the white goose, woodcock, partridge and Canada goose can also be quite a challenge! For the thrill of hunting, look no further, select a Québec Outfitter!

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