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I was once asked if I could describe Québec in one word, and I did: “PARADISE.”

12 May 2011

Making my living as a professional hunter, producer and filmmaker, it is my job to share the world through hunt. This is exactly why I travel to Québec every year. Without question it is my favourite destination! I have drunk straight out of the pristine, pure waters of Québec’s Arctic, left many a footprint upon the tundra, boreal and deciduous forests, stood upon the cliffs of Gaspé marvelling at the stunning Percé rock as it towers out of the St. Lawrence estuary. I have experienced the spongy life-giving taiga moss that sustains the mass herds of caribou clutched in winter’s harsh grip, stood high on mountain tops overlooking amazing gorges and waterways and felt the mist brush my face as massive waterfalls carve the rocks below.

I have marvelled in awe as we searched for whales on the St. Lawrence River, touched the icy edge of the Hudson Strait at Salluit with my feet and immersed myself in Québec’s dense coniferous forests where the air is so fresh it breathes life back. I have stood at thriving ports; I have been in Kuujjuaq and Schefferville as float planes—Beavers and Otters—transport hunters and fishermen with precision and prompt professionalism.

Incredible people, incomparable culture, unmatched adventure, breathtaking scenery, abundant wildlife, rich and untouched game—all of this is seen through the eyes of the hunt and the desire to explore.

Whatever your calling, species or budget, Québec has it all! My journey has only just begun… has yours?

Hunt with honour, integrity and a purpose!

Scott Anderson

President – BackLand Outdoors, Inc.
Producer – BackLand Experiences / BackLand Country

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