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Mission and mandate

The QOF’s mission is to :

The QOF has adopted the following mission statement :Represent and promote the collective interests of its members and the industry with a view to maintaining sustainable development.

The values promoted by the QOF :

  • Respect for others
  • Preservation of fauna, wildlife habitats and the environment
  • Professionalism and excellence
  • Involvement and teamwork
  • Simplification

In accordance with its mission, the QOF gradually emerged as the leader in its field and is recognized as such by different government ministries and agencies. It represents its members in many files related, however distantly, to outfitter management. These include :

In association with the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife :

  • Policy direction for hunting and fishing in Quebec
  • Laws, regulations and norms pertaining to outfitter management Consolidation and development plan for the outfitting industry
  • Outfitter development, with exclusive or non-exclusive rights
  • Fish seeding by outfitters (aquaculture advisory council)
  • Issues relating to drinking water and waste water
  • Dams and river diversion
  • Ad hoc files, such as firearm licenses for non-residents, hunting and fishing promotional activities, the roles of the different wildlife areas, etc.

In association with the Quebec Ministry of Tourism :

  • Drawing up a list of available outfitting products and services for the Ministry’s telephone information bureau and the www.bonjourquebec.com Web site
  • Developing and improving the offer for marketing hunting and fishing products
  • Participating in planning sessions to develop strategies for the American, Canadian and European markets
  • Establishing partnerships in order to develop the offer by Quebec outfitters by forming an outfitting industry working group
  • Rating system and categories for outfitters’ accommodation units
  • Tourism policy
  • Provincial tourism awards (Grands Prix du tourisme)

The QOF is also consulted by regional county municipalities, regional development councils, municipalities, wildlife agencies, regional tourism associations, etc.

In association with the outfitters’ clientele :

  • Publishing and distributing the Outfitters’ Guide every year
  • Providing free information on its member outfitters to the public by means of its toll-free phone number (1-800-567-9009)
  • Keeping the brochures from each of its member outfitters in its offices, which are available to the public at no charge
  • Promoting its members by having an information booth at the many hunting, fishing and outdoor shows held annually
  • Maintaining a Web site that provides a wealth of information on the outfitter network and related topics
  • Actively participating in large-scale annual events
  • Maintaining ties with the media and engaging in communications activities