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History of the Quebec Outfitters Federation

Outfitters have existed in Québec for nearly a century. The first known grouping of outfitters was the Québec Outfitters Association, founded in December 1948. The Association changed its name several times over the years, becoming the Québec Outfitter Federation Inc. (QOF) in December 2002.

For more than 50 years, the men and women in the outfitting industry have been working towards creating a network of outfitters in order to improve the industry’s image, as well as offer products and services that better meet its clientele’s expectations.

Today, the QOF, a non-profit organization recognized by the government of Quebec, is a group of 375 outfitters that share a great love of the province’s wilderness areas, which they seek to promote as an easily accessible vacation destination.

Creating this vast network has produced the largest tourist offer in Québec for quality accommodations and services in the areas of sports hunting or fishing, family vacations and outdoor activities.

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