White-tailed deer

White-tailed deer


Hunting - Whitetail deer in Quebec's Outfitters

Total length :  160 to 215 cm (63 to 215 in)

Shoulder height : 90 to 120 cm (35 to 47 in)

Weight : males from 85 to 170 kg (187 to 375 lb), females from 57 to 113 kg (126 to 249 lb)

Coloration :  Reddish-brown coat in summer, grayish-brown in winter; tail brown when lowered with large white fringe and white underside.

*Deer may use their tail to communicate, flipping it up and exposing the white underside when on the look-out or while running.

External characteristics :  Slim body; slender legs with very high, small dew claws; narrow, pointed hooves (5 to 7 cm/2 to 3 in); long tail (15 to 36 cm/6 to 15 in) with large base; antlers up to 76 cm (30 in) in length, generally present in males only.

*Antlers begin growing in early April, growth continues until August and their velvet covering is shed in September. Older individuals shed their antlers in December, younger individuals in January or February. Contrary to popular belief, an animal’s age cannot be accurately determined by the number of points (tines) on the antlers. The most accurate age indicators are teeth wear and eruption patterns.

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