Migratory caribou

Migratory caribou


hunting - Migratory caribou in Quebec's outifitters

Total length : 173 to 247 cm (68 to 97 in)

Shoulder height : 104 to 140 cm (41 to 55 in)

Weight : males from 121 to 150 kg (267 to 331 lb), females from 90 to 158 kg (198 to 348 lb)

Coloration :  Brown coat, darker brown on face, above hooves, and on upper side of the tail; creamy white neck, mane, rump and underside of tail.

External characteristics :  Compact body with long, thick fur; 2 large dew claws located very low on the legs; hooves very wide and crescent-shaped (8 to 15 cm/3 to 6 in); muzzle short, thick and velvety; short tail (13 to 23 cm/5 to 9 in) with thick fur; antlers up to 120 cm (47 in) in length, usually in both sexes (largest in older males); in males, velvety buds appear in March and antler growth is fastest from May to July; velvet is lost in September and antlers are shed in January or February; females begin antler growth 6 months later, keep them over the winter and shed in May or June after giving birth; young males begin growing antlers during their first fall season.

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