Visitor's Guide in COVID Context

Quebec Outfitters, Secure by Nature!

Quebec outfitters are ready to welcome you in a safe environment for you and their employees’ well-being.

When you choose an outfitter member of our network, you can be sure you made the right choice to enjoy a memorable stay.

In preparation for your arrival, our outfitters have put specific measures in place in accordance with Public Health guidelines to ensure compliance with the distancing rules and cleaning standards for equipment, lodging units and other buildings. Sanitary protocols and increased cleaning frequency will minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Because we have our customers’ health at heart, we have developed specific communication channels to keep all our members informed in real time. As a result, all protocols, measures and instructions have been transmitted to the outfitters so that they can communicate them and train their staff to properly apply these new guidelines.

Health and Safety Are Everyone’s Business

As an outfitter’s client, you have a role in the success of the applicable measures for your safety and for the safety of others. Although you stay there to rest or for a change of scenery, you are still required to respect the various recommendations that have been put in place, whether before, during or after your stay.

Before your stay

  • Make sure that no one in your group/family has symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough or difficulty breathing). If this is the case, this person and anyone else who has been in contact with them recently CANNOT stay at the outfitter.
  • Obtain your hunting/fishing licence and, if possible, give the outfitter each person’s licence number before your arrival.
  • Make your purchases (groceries, equipment, gas, etc.) in your local community.

During your stay

  • Observe at all times the 2 m distance with employees and other customers.
  • Avoid direct contact (shaking hands, hugs, etc.).
  • Wash your hands at the receptions’ washing/disinfection station.
  • Follow the instructions at the reception desk.
  • Notify the person in charge of the outfitter immediately if you begin to experience symptoms of cough, fever or have difficulty breathing.

After your stay

  • Notify the outfitter if you or any of your group members experience symptoms related to COVID-19 within 14 days of the end of your stay.
  • Send your outfitter your best pictures!

We believe that wilderness getaways have an immense positive impact on the health and well-being of those who experience them. Being in the great outdoors is both exciting and soothing, and we believe that the time spent at an outfitter and the memories associated with it will have a significant impact on the people who experience it.

Today more than ever, getting out into the great outdoors in an outfitter’s camp will have special meaning and invaluable benefits.

Welcome to Quebec Outfitters!