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Northern pike

Northern pike


Fish - Pike in Quebec's Outfitters

Body shape : Very elongate, laterally compressed

Average size : 50 to 75 cm (20 to 30 in),  1 to 2 kg (2 to 4 lb)

Coloration :  Characteristically green through almost brown or dark gray with pale spots; small golden spot on edge of scales; dorsal, caudal and anal fins with black markings.


External characteristics : Elongated head; large eyes located high on the head; large mouth with lower jaw extending beyond long, flat snout; large, sharp, canine teeth; cheeks (preopercula) completely covered in scales and opercula scaled only on the upper half; 5 sensory pores on each side of the lower jaw; pectoral fins low on body; pelvic fins abdominal, near mid-body length; dorsal fin far to the rear next to anal fin; forked caudal fin with rounded extremities.

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