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6 Reminders To Catch More Fish in Quebec

9 July 2018

Got a Quebec fishing trip coming up? Lucky you! Here are some reminders to help you catch more fish no matter what you’ll be fishing for or where you’re headed in that gigantic province!


Go Light

In hunting, the saying goes, “You can’t shoot what you can’t see.” In fishing the parallel is, “You can’t catch what you never hook.” Light line the fish can’t see and smaller baits that will be of interest to more fish are always going to get you more hookups. With the lighter pound test, you may lose more fish, but if you hadn’t hooked them, you never would have had any chance to land them. When in doubt, go light.

Small Waters Can Mean Big Fish

Small ponds and narrow creeks can get overlooked as the majority of anglers head to well-known big water destinations. This holds true especially for trout in small streams of the far north. Invest some time hiking back in off the beaten path and you may find big, old fish that bite willingly because they haven’t seen a bait in a long time.

Move a Little

When you get to a location, whether in a boat or fishing from the bank, give it a whirl. But if nothing happens in 15 minutes – MOVE! It doesn’t have to be a big move – maybe just a hundred yards or less in any direction – and try again. Keep at it until you find your way into the action.

It All Matters

Colors of baits and flies, your cadence while jigging, scents you may or may not put on your bait intentionally or unintentionally, water clarity and the sky cover – all of these things can play a role in whether fish choose to bite or not. If they are not biting, keep changing things up. Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Make Friends

Like everywhere else, Quebec’s anglers are notoriously tight lipped about their hotspots. Make some friends at the resort and they may just let some important information slip to help you get in on the action. Of course, your outfitter should be the Number One source of reliable info. He counts on repeat customers to make his living and he knows the odds of you coming back go way, way up if you have a great trip … AND CATCH FISH!

Know the Laws and Follow Them

This won’t necessarily help you catch more fish, but it’s just as important as any of these other tips. Remember you’re in a new place, even a new country. Some of the laws may be different than those you’re required to follow at home. So … have you flattened the barbs on your hooks yet?


By Bill Miller




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