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MAURICIE: The best hunting and fishing in Québec!

1 February 2018

Hunting and fishing enthusiasts will love the game-rich grounds that our outfitters have brilliantly set up. The Mauricie region is located right in the middle of Québec, halfway between the province’s two urban centres, Montréal and Québec. But don’t expect to see skyscrapers there; rather, it’s all forests as far as the eye can see—covering 85% of the territory—and tens of thousands of water bodies, including the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Saint-Pierre Lake and a massive inland sea: the Gouin Reservoir. In addition to a great hunting and fishing experience, Mauricie also has plenty to offer to fans of the outdoors, relaxation and culture. But don’t take our word for it—listen to our valued guests. Here are the stories that four of them had to tell!

Rick and Bob against the black bear

Bob and Rick, two retirees hailing from New York State, chose our region for their yearly hunting trip in the fall of 2016. These long-time friends were first charmed by the warm Quebecer welcome and the hospitality and know-how of their outfitter host. “Our guide had a real passion and knew the land like the back of his hand,” said Rick, praising the high-quality preparation of their hunting grounds. “We felt that the watchtowers were well placed and the area was well baited. Plus, they were able to take us out there in an ATV, which was great for our old legs,” Bob laughed.

The two men in their sixties appreciated the waiting period in the Québec forest and even took time to name the bears that frequented their site. Nevertheless, they didn’t have to wait very long! By the end of their first day of hunting, they had brought down a large black bear. “It was a really impressive animal, five and a half feet tall! And the size of its feet was just incredible!” Rick added.

After a day filled with emotions, Rick and Bob were more than happy to find themselves once again at the lodge, in front of a warm fire, in the company of a group of hunters. “It was nice to recap our victory and practice our French a little, all over a good meal,” said Rick. Rick and Bob’s quick success hunting black bears meant they could enjoy a day teasing walleye and pike! “Another memorable moment,” Bob added, warmly recommending the Mauricie region to all their hunter and fisher friends.

Richard and Martin discover the back country

It wasn’t their first time in Québec when Richard and Martin, two French brothers, vacationed in Mauricie last fall. They had both already visited Québec City and Montréal and already been charmed by Québec hospitality, but they had hardly ever travelled outside of the urban centres.

Their grandfather had been a great storyteller and had, on several occasions, told them tales of his hunting and fishing adventures in Mauricie’s private clubs. So with their imaginations conjuring up visions of the Québec wilderness, they set out for Mauricie. After a barely three-hour journey from the Montréal airport, they reached their Canadian-style chalet: an abode with both rugged charm and modern comforts. “As soon as we got in, some other fishers told us that they had just released a ‘monster’ pike, at least 20 pounds, back into water. That really got us worked up!” said Richard.

The next day, they set out on the water, armed with a map given to them by their outfitter host that helped them locate the best spots to tease big fish. “We got hold of pike and walleye. Fine-looking specimens,” said Martin, confident of having brought back good stories to tell his children and future grand-children who could carry on the family tradition. “The outfitter was very well equipped: big boats, new motors, etc. It made our experience really comfortable, and we felt safe,” Richard added pragmatically.

At the end of the day, the two brothers enjoyed a guided hike on a trail right behind their chalet. The goal: to gather a large variety of forest mushrooms. “Our guide had us taste the fruits of our labour. Delicious!” Martin promised us.

“They told us that there were more than fifty outfitters in the region. We definitely intend to come back with our wives and children so that they too can discover Mauricie, the true nature of Québec,” concluded Richard.

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