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NUNAVIK: A real change of scenery!

23 January 2018

With its 507,000 km2 of tundra and boreal forest, Nunavik remains a broadly wild and unexplored region. This pristine land is home to spectacular mountains, countless lakes and majestic rivers, where swarms of Salmonidae and other plus-sized fish species swim in its clear waters. Isn’t that the dream of any fishing enthusiast?

To discover this immense territory, there are no better guides than Nunavik Inuit. Making up 90% of the region’s population, they’re known for their strong sense of hospitality. You’ll be surprised at the ingenious solutions they’ve come up with to thrive in their harsh environment. A great culture worth discovering, for sure!

As a matter of fact, in order to have the privilege to fish in Nunavik, one must call upon a local outfitter’s services, whether fishing for Atlantic salmon or Arctic char, often complemented by other nice catches such as brookies, frisky sea-run trout, big lake trout and more. This could be seen as a constraint, but it’s actually a boon, as you’ll be able to count on the experience of your outfitters. Since Inuit people have lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years, with fish occupying a central place in their diet and culture, fishing is therefore very much part of their traditional activities to this day. In other words, you couldn’t dream of better guides.


Curtis Fleming, who hosts the American TV show “Fly Rod Chronicles”, fell under the spell of Arctic char fishing. “Prior to my trip to Nunavik, I often dreamed of traveling to the northern reaches of Canada in search of Arctic char. The magnetic pull was finally too strong, and I found myself in the mecca of Arctic char fishing, and the only thing different is that it was better than my dreams! I highly recommend that every adventurer make an effort to connect with the strong, beautiful and plentiful Arctic char.”

Photo : © Fly Rod Chronicles

Often unheard of, the Arctic char is a fish that is found almost exclusively in northern regions. The Inuit, however, know it very well—they appreciate how tasty it is and fish for it year-round! It was, in fact, largely thanks to the warm welcome and ancestral knowledge of the Inuit outfitters who welcomed him that Charles-Alexandre Cloutier, a member of the Hooké fishing community (, had the adventure of a lifetime in Nunavik.

When he flew up north, he had set his sights on a grand slam of landing a sea-run trout, an Atlantic salmon and, of course, an Arctic char. The experienced fisherman succeeded at his self-imposed challenge with such catches as a magnificent 15-pound Arctic char. “The way I felt at that moment will be etched into my memory forever,” he said, and credited his success to the know-how of his outfitters. “It was my first experience in Québec’s far north, but it definitely won’t be my last.”

Bill Spicer, host of the Canadian TV show “The New Fly Fisher,” also had a memorable experience in Nunavik. “Arctic char fishing in Nunavik was nothing short of spectacular. The fish are plentiful but still a challenge to catch. Once hooked, the Arctic char is extremely strong, and will challenge all your fishing skills, but with patience you can be very successful.”

Photo : © Siegfried Gagnon


Sound like a suitable challenge for you? Be prepared for an epic duel between man and nature in your quest for this much-coveted trophy!



Nunavik is also a perfect place to discover what nature has to offer in many different ways—by going on a photo safari, hiking, canoeing or kayaking, for example. All these activities are great pretexts for taking in the landscapes, but also to observe the local wildlife. It’s only natural that you’d want to explore the area when you’re likely to encounter polar bears, muskoxen, caribou herds, seals or even whales!

Why not even combine some memorable fishing with a bit of hunting? Although it is no longer possible to hunt caribou in the region, don’t despair: there is plenty of ptarmigan, a fun type of small game, and your hunting dog can even come with you to help out. Black bear hunting is also permitted, and even encouraged—as their population grows, they get closer to the villages, becoming worrisome for the Inuit women who like to gather berries in the surrounding areas.

Photo : © Isabelle Dubois


And to top off your already unforgettable experience, the northern lights may just come out to dance the night away, as darkness fall and your dreams become reality…

Photo : © Hooké – Stuart Davis


Why wait? Come visit us in Nunavik!

To plan your stay, call Nunavik Tourism toll free at 1‑855‑NUNAVIK, write to [email protected] or visit for more information and a listing of our outfitters.

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