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Fishing Knots You Need to Know

15 March 2017

Anglers today are used to having lots of line choices, when just a generation ago monofilament dominated the market.

As you plan your next trip to Quebec, consider what you need your lines to do:

Mono—great options for nearly every type of fishing. Great knot strength; 25-28 stretch provides margin of error when hooked up to big fish.

Superlines—Great choice when casting distance is important (shore anglers, river fisherman) and when fishing extreme depths for species like lake trout (lack of stretch + positive hooksets

Fluorocarbon—Near invisibility makes it solid choice for pressured fish. The line also sinks, making some presentations more natural.

No matter what line choice you go with, it is essential that you select the right knot for THAT line.

Common knots like the Improved Clinch work with  mono, but a terrible knot when used with braid.

There are knots that work well with all three lines. The easiest to tie and one of the strongest is the Palomar Knot.

If you don’t know how to tie the Palomar, click here for step-by-step instructions

Remember to wet all knots with a bit of saliva before cinching tight to reduce friction that robs strength.


By Steve Pennaz.

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