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What’s up with Ralph, Vicki & RJ

5 April 2016

It’s springtime here and we recently took our Browning A5 shotguns and headed to Central IL to try our luck on some white geese (snow geese). Even though the movement was slow we filled the freezer and got RJ hooked another type of hunting. He is pumped now to get into waterfowl hunting. Just what we needed, more hunting gear, decoys, Browning max5 waterfowl gear and probably a boat LOL!

We then headed down to Florida to Osceola outfitters and we had a blast hunting turkeys, hogs & doing some bowfishing. What a great family springtime adventure.

Our next adventure takes us overseas to New Zealand to hunt the rotating stags with Leithen Valley. So we’re soon to get home and make sure our Hoyt’s are ready for Vicki & I. RJ will have to stay home for this one as he has track and his team depends on him. He is throwing the shot put and discus really well and we’re proud to have him there to support his team.

Between all our trips we also have to get work done in the studio with our editors getting busy on all the new shows. We’ve got new logos and new look coming that we are excited to share with all of you soon.

This spring are excited to have a father & son from our Posse hunting black bears with Wapus Lodge and the winners of last years’ QOF giveaway. Plus we ourselves will be heading all over Canada hunting spring black bear.
After some spring bear we finally plan to take a vacation! Per RJ’s request we’ll head back down to Florida again for some more hunting and fun times with our Osceola friends!

Come the end of July we’ve gotta hit the road and travel west to hunt with the Crow Nation again for their wild bison. We did this a few years ago and can’t wait to get back there again now and hunt to fill up our freezers with fresh wild bison, yum yum!

So look out, as we plan on bringing you some awesome adventures from not only Quebec but from all over Canada and the states. Deer, moose, caribou, black bear, mule deer, grizzly & brown bear, bison, hogs, you name it we are hitting the woods, tundra, mountains and swamps to go out and get it.

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