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Outlining your goals for your next Quebec fishing trip

29 April 2016

Quebec has been a favorite fishing destination of mine for more than 25 years. The variety of fish and the natural beauty of the province are two main draws.  Trophy fish are common in many waters, even those that are easily accessible for visiting anglers. But the call of Quebec’s Far North is nearly impossible for me to ignore.

Now is the perfect time to outline your goals for your next fishing trip. Done right, this process will allow you to better evaluate your options in the coming weeks.

I start with the fish species I want to catch, and then evaluate lodging, location, price, outfitter equipment, etc., before booking. Some waters offer great fishing for multiple fish species, while others are better for just one or two.

I like big fish and will give up numbers for the opportunity to catch a trophy, whether the target is walleye or pike, speckled trout or Atlantic salmon. You may prefer to catch a lot of fish, and love the option of chasing multiple species in a given day. If so, your list will differ significantly from mine and so will your search for an outfitter offering specifically the experience for which YOU desire.

All members of the Quebec Outfitters Federation pledge to uphold the rigorous standards of the organization which means when it comes time to book your next fishing trip you can do so with confidence.

By the way, the species you plan to pursue may influence trip timing. For example, I like to chase big pike early in the season when they are both shallow and accessible. On the other hand, when chasing brook trout, I like to fish the fall when they are spawning. Each fish is stunningly beautiful at that time of year.

By Steve Pennaz

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