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Making the whole Quebec hunting adventure as stress free as possible

26 April 2016

To many American hunters, a hunting trip in Quebec sounds exotic. It comes with unknowns and variables you might not have had to deal with before. There are gun permits, flight arrangements, the selection of an outfitter, planning for dealing with the meat and trophies you want to bring home, the language barrier, and so much more. Some people consider these to be daunting and off-putting and for others they add to the excitement of the trip.

What if there were a way to dip your toe in the water? To plan and make a small trip first before going whole-hog into a complicated, expensive north country safari?

Consider making your first hunt in Quebec an upland bird hunt for ruffed grouse and woodcock. Make it short, like three or four days, and plan plenty of time on either side of the hunt for travel and such. That way if something crops up unexpectedly, you can deal with it and not stress about missing the main event of the trip or getting home/back to work “on time.”

To make the whole adventure as stress free as possible, the Quebec Outfitters Federation has pre-screened small game outfitters for you. You can book your trip with confidence knowing that your chosen outfitter lives up to the QOF’s standards.

If time permits, you can drive instead of fly for this first visit. That cuts down on air travel hassles. There’s a big chunk of the U.S. population that could enjoy bird hunting in Quebec as a long weekend (or even a standard weekend) jaunt.

You’ll still have to acquire the proper permits for your firearms, but chances are good you will go through the inspection and payment process at a nice, quiet border station perhaps at a time that’s not so rushed rather than at an airport from a big flight full of caribou hunters who all need to get through the process at once. If you are going to fly, consider going through a smaller airport if it can work.

A grouse hunt is less gear intensive, too, than many other kinds of hunting. The more you can simplify your first Quebec hunt – or any first hunt for that matter – the more you can focus on learning the ropes and enjoy the trip fully.

Keep your first Quebec hunt as simple as possible, and enjoy it to the max!

By Bill Miller

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