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Don’t Forget This on Your Next Trip

2 December 2015

By Steve Pennaz

I’ll never forget my first trip to Quebec. When we left Montreal the temps were in the low 90s and when we landed a few hours later in the far north, well, let me just say the shorts and tee shirt I had on wasn’t enough.

It pays to pack appropriately whenever fishing remote areas as going to the store is not usually an option. Here are a few things that I bring on every trip:

  1. Quality rain gear—because I fish rain or shine
  2. Chap Stick—I’d have paid $20 for a tube on a couple trips over the years.
  3. Dramamine-I’ve never been airsick, and don’t plan to change that.
  4. Reading material—I can only fish 16 hours a day
  5. Sunscreen/Bug Dope— You know why.
  6. Quality pliers / jaw spreaders—it’s easy to lip a bass, but pike not so much
  7. POV Camera (Garmin Virb or GoPro)—rather than risk carrying my cell phone in the boat, I bring a Virb to shoot both still images and killer video.
  8. Lightweight waders—I’m a big fan of light, thin waders on wilderness trips. Not only do they make it easy to get in and out of the boat, they serve well as rain gear on those really wet days.
  9. Stash of candy—Okay, I have a sweet tooth that needs attention on occasion.

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