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My number one choice: Québec’s outfitters

11 March 2012

My number one choice: Québec’s outfitters

By our own Cyril Chauquet

Québec Outfitters are proud to have found an exceptional fisherman to tell you about the experience they can offer you on your fishing trips: Cyril Chauquet, globetrotting fisherman and host of the Fishing Adventurer TV show. Dive right in with this enthusiast and discover what it’s like to fish at Québec’s outfitters.

For five years now, I’ve been living mostly in Québec. Back then, I knew I wanted to settle down in North America. The fishing conditions are simply outstanding and I really like the lifestyle here. In the end, I chose Québec because this province has the best of both worlds for me; it’s a mix of Europe and the United States, where I also spend a lot of time.

Over many years, I’ve had the opportunity to wander all over Québec to sample every kind of fishing and discover a wide range of different outfitter territories. I’ve had excellent fishing trips here and I love to spend time at outfitters, for the following reasons.

A quality resource: At outfitters, you’ll almost never have surprises and the resource is well-managed, since it’s in the outfitter’s best interest to care for it. They make a point of observing strict rules designed to ensure the sustainability of fish populations. That way, the odds of landing great catches are on your side for many more years.

Outfitters’ hospitality and expertise: Fishing guides and outfitters are important assets, from which you can greatly benefit. They usually know their territory like the back of their hand. They know when and where to fish. What I find especially nice is that they often get directly involved in the success of your fishing expedition.

The proximity of lodging to the fishing spots: If you’re a diehard fishing fan like me, you want to be able to fish at the best times of the day: early in the morning and late in the evening. That’s why it’s convenient to stay in a lodge that’s close to your fishing spots—you waste less time “commuting” and can be back quickly for meals.

All-inclusive packages: This type of trip takes a lot of weight off your shoulders and frees up more time for fishing. Outfitters can suggest customized stays to streamline your preparations. Meals, boats, fuel . . . Usually, they can even supply the right equipment or lures, if necessary. All these reasons keep me coming back to the great outdoors outfitters, year after year. In 2011, I had unforgettable fishing experiences staying at Haute-Côte-Nord (Duplessis region) and Northern Québec (James Bay) outfitters. I caught the kind of pike you’d have to see to believe, and the Innu guides showed me fantastic salmon rivers.

In conclusion, Québec’s outfitters are ideal, whether you’re a veteran fisherman or someone who’s never held a fishing rod. But in my opinion, a fisherman’s success comes from a mix of luck, persistence, technique and adaptability. So just go fish, and above all, make sure to have fun while respecting the fish that bring us so much enjoyment.

Fish on!


My advice for people who are hesitant about fishing

On your first time fishing, it’s best to go with an experienced acquaintance. If you don’t know anyone, Québec Outfitters can provide the expertise. There’s nothing more frustrating and demotivating than spending a whole day on the water and leaving empty-handed. Personally, just getting a bite fills my system with adrenaline. I’m energized, invigorated for the rest of the day. If you manage to land one or several fish on your first fishing trip, I guarantee you’ll want to repeat the experience!

We asked Cyril a few questions:

Q.   What are your favourite species to fish for in Québec?

A.    The pike, the smallmouth bass, and the large speckled are my favourite species.

Q.   What’s your biggest trophy?

A.    I don’t really have a big trophy to my name, but I had a lot of fun catching a 25-pound pike while fly-fishing, speckled trout of five pounds or more as well as smallmouth bass between five and six pounds. Anyway, the best trophies are still swimming somewhere out there; you just need to keep fishing and hope to get lucky!

Q.   At what age did you start fishing?

A.    When I was 3 years old.

Q.   Where did your famous catchphrase, Fish on, come from?

A.    I don’t know, Fish on! came out of my mouth one day and has stayed there since, every time I get a bite!

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