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QVO, 1-2-3: ACTION!

28 February 2012

QVO, 1-2-3: ACTION!

We’ve just finished our project’s second season, and are already hard at work producing a third year of television. As the show went on, some subjects we covered sparked viewer interest and made our first two seasons into the successes they were. Those themes were meant to refresh the way we view our hunting and fishing trips.

Let’s take a look at a few elements highlighted on QVO that you’ll find in your own adventures.

Embrace the adventure rather than the harvest

Of course, the end purpose of predatory sports is the wildlife harvest, whether it’s of mammals, birds or fish. However, focusing too intensely on this goal can sometimes make you forget the fun to be had in every part of the activity. The real “meat” of the experience is often found in get-togethers at the cabin, dinners with friends and small preparations.

When the success of the trip hinges solely on the harvest, it’s too easy to overlook surroundings that have much more to offer than just a steak or a fillet. Always keep in mind that nature smiles on he or she who smiles at it . . .

Travel lighthearted

It’s important for us to start our shows on a cheerful tone, and the same recipe for success applies to adventures. You’ll remember the funny incidents and pranks that happened during an outing much longer than the length of the fish you caught. Practical jokers take notice: hunting or fishing groups are quick to bond through shared laughter.

Give yourself the chance to experiment

For too long, hunting and fishing was the exclusive domain of professionals who taught methods not available to all. Nowadays, you have the opportunity to hunt and fish in your own way and according to your style. Only the game has any say on your technique.

Your knowledge and passion will grow through trial and error. Be proud of your occasional misses; they’ll make you a better hunter, a better fisherman.

Add your game to your menu 

If nature favours you, make sure to reserve a special place on your table for the venison. Make a feast from that meat and invite your friends to partake!

Having received many comments about the “Recipes” segment of the show, we understand the desire to sample game meat. As it turns out, the enjoyment derived from such meals is often an effective Trojan horse for promoting predatory sports.

It’s up to you to share these great recipes!

These four points aren’t the last word on quality trips, but they are, in our opinion, good starting points for getting the most out of your outdoor activities.

Follow us on our adventures . . . Québec à vol d’oiseau!

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